"La politique française a joué un rôle important dans l’histoire du monde, notamment par la Révolution française de 1789, qui a proclamé les droits de l’homme et du citoyen et a inspiré d’autres mouvements révolutionnaires."

History, Intermediate, and Advanced Students

French culture is recognized worldwide for its richness and diversity. France has given birth to many writers, artists, philosophers, musicians, filmmakers, etc. who have marked the history of literature, art, thought, music, cinema, etc. France is also the country of fashion, gastronomy, tourism, etc. The French language is spoken by about 300 million people in the world and is the official language of several international organizations.

A course for advanced levels

The objective of the course is to discover several aspects of the History of France while improving one’s skills in the French language, both orally and in writing. It is therefore aimed both at French speakers and at all culture enthusiasts wishing to develop or deepen their knowledge of the language, or even at French teachers in Japan wishing to explore new resources that can be used in their teaching (required level: beginning of level B2).

Various historical themes

French history from its origins in 52 BC to the present day.

Each class will be organized by historical period, exploring the history, major personalities and events, art, science and society) of each period.

The history of French art, from ancient times to the present day
The history of French cinema, from the Lumière Brothers to the most recent films
The history of French-speaking literature, between classic novels, essays and political narratives
The history of institutions: right to vote, political debates, historical figures, places of decision
Social history: education, sport, work

1 - Initial Assessment of Your Current Level

We initiate our process with a non-obligatory, preliminary session via Skype or FaceTime. This 10-minute session is dedicated to assessing your current proficiency level, discussing your objectives, and determining the most suitable learning path for you.

We then meticulously match you with a tutor whose personality, background, and linguistic expertise align with your specific needs.

EASY to start - You need only Internet access & headphone (a webcam is preferable)

2 - Communicative Approach to Build up Your Confidence

The primary distinction between group lessons and private tutoring lies in the level of interaction with the tutor. In a private setting, you are persistently challenged on your speaking abilities, providing ample opportunities for self-expression.

Our dynamic French lessons are designed to help you overcome any hesitation you may experience when conversing with native speakers. We believe that a positive and encouraging learning environment is crucial for efficient language acquisition.

3 - Structured French Lessons Tailor-made to Your Needs

FranceVoltaire lessons are comprehensive, encompassing conversation, grammatical structures, pronunciation, vocabulary, and French etiquette upon request.
We offer a flexible approach to learning, allowing our lessons to either integrate various skills or concentrate on a particular area that you wish to enhance

  • Speaking: Our lessons aim to improve both your fluency and accuracy in French, with a focus on correct pronunciation.
  • Listenin: We provide exercises designed to familiarize you with the pace of native French speech.
  • Comprehension Our educational sessions are structured to augment your grasp of spoken French by diversifying your vocabulary and acquainting you with idiomatic expressions.
  • Writing We offer guidance on crafting emails, writing reports, and other written communication in French

Regular Courses, Private Lessons

Learn at your own pace: our French language courses are organised to make the learning process fit your schedule

  • Normal: 50min (1Lesson)
  • Semi-intensive Lessons: 12 hours per week (2 hours per day)
  • Pro Lessons: from 1000 hours (1 hours per week, 5Month)